Let us never think that history has come to an end—or even a pause. There may never recently have seemed so apt a time at which to voice remembrance as these difficult days of ours; this touching and soul-searching disc can only bring to mind the timeless as well as necessary nature of prayerful yet positive music such as has been gathered by John Scott in the latest offering from the St Paul's Cathedral Choir, whose surveys both of Psalms and Anthems have established them as inspirational and experienced exponents of this deep resource of devotional music. A particular pleasure on this occasion is the way in which the music has been taken from so many traditions and eras, right to our own day and including Ian Kellam's homage to the victims of 11th September, 2001, so that it provides a moving overview of a choral tradition which itself has had no pause.

CDA67398  71 minutes 25 seconds
‘A lasting souvenir of a moving occasion, a fitting tribute to a great man, but above all, fine listening’ (Gramophone)