Gottschalk: Piano Music, Vol. 6

This is the sixth disc in our ongoing Gottschalk series and the success of the project means that what we originally expected to be a few highlights discs seems likely to become the first complete recording of the composer's output for solo piano. We are now well on our way to completing the project.

Many of Gottschalk's usual hallmarks are here though most of the pieces on this disc are based on European traditions rather than showing the Latin-American influence which was also a characteristic of the composer's work. All are played by Philip Martin in his usual idiomatic style, who, by critical consent, has become the foremost exponent of Gottschalk playing today.

All of the music on this album is also available as part of the specially priced box set Gottschalk: The Complete Solo Piano Music: ‘There are some fine Gottschalk albums out there, but Martin’s is the only complete survey of the composer’s works for solo piano. Not only that, he has a unique affinity for this music that shines through in every bar … Martin reminds us just how consistently assured and interesting Gottschalk’s keyboard writing really is. Indeed, that’s why I found it so easy to listen to all 109 tracks in a single day. Sensitively planned and lovingly played, this set contains some of the most varied and enchanting piano sounds imaginable … a must-buy for pianophiles and LMG fans alike’ (MusicWeb International).

CDA67349  75 minutes 42 seconds
‘Brilliant and technically awesome … Philip Martin is never less than an extremely able and charming guide to this curious repertoire’ (BBC Music Magazine)
‘There is a poignant period flavour to this music, which Martin captures with the utmost sensibility’ (The Daily Telegraph)
‘It's impossible to listen to this disc and not beam with pleasure … real melodic charm, surprising harmonic progressions, and enough sensuality and humour to put a kick in the greyest of January ...