Fauré: The Complete Songs, Vol. 3 - Chanson d'amour

This third instalment in our series encompassing all Fauré’s songs takes its title from the famous Silvestre setting Chanson d’amour and guides the listener on a journey through the panoply of human emotion. Alongside finely chiselled miniatures we have the early cycle Poème d’un jour (to poetry by Grandmougin), the suite from the Shakespeare/Haraucourt drama Shylock (which includes some notable rarities in the form of two-piano arrangements made with Fauré’s blessing by the composer Léon Boëllmann), and what is surely the apotheosis of the mélodie genre: La bonne chanson.

As with preceding volumes, Graham Johnson has employed a range of artists—the very finest interpreters of French song that could be found. Generous commentaries are provided for each song along with the original poems and English translations.

CDA67335  70 minutes 22 seconds
‘Recording and presentation are the stuff of dreams. Hyperion has done Fauré proud’ (Gramophone)
‘The songs certainly show Fauré to possess a far wider expressive range than an acquaintance with just a handful of his best-known examples would suggest … the gem of the set has to be Christophe ...
‘No other disc, I imagine, has ever managed to be quite so scholarly and quite so erotic at the same time’ (The Guardian)