Liszt: The complete music for solo piano, Vol. 40 - Gaudeamus igitur

This recital gathers several varieties of occasional music (some quite ephemeral pieces cheek by jowl with more enduring creations and transcriptions) together with some of Liszt's earlier versions of pieces better known today as he finally offered them.

The student drinking-song Gaudeamus igitur ('And so let us rejoice') is here presented in two amusing and technically daring guises, and joined by various pieces Leslie Howard describes as 'pleasant and utterly unimportant trifles'; the resulting programme is, of course, charming.

CDA67034  73 minutes 53 seconds
‘Here's a winsome collection of chips from Liszt's workbench … sound and notes are up to the high standard of the series too’ (Fanfare, USA)
‘This disc offers a little of everything, executed with aplomb and conviction by the champion of Liszt's piano music’ (Soundscapes, Australia)
‘The Liszt series has drawn forth praise from all the national music magazines, not least for the assured playing of Leslie Howard as well as the careful programming. This 1995 recording is up to the ...