Liszt: The complete music for solo piano, Vol. 37 - Tanzmomente
and other rare German and Austrian transcriptions

Liszt's sheer industry is one of his most daunting characteristics; his enthusiasm, indeed his voracious appetite, for music of all sorts and conditions—whether as composer, conductor, pianist, teacher or transcriber—remains unparalleled.

The transcriptions featured on this disc are of works whose composers have faded almost entirely from recognition, yet Liszt never fails to imbue their compositional efforts with his own inimitable sparkle and flair.

Since 1985, Leslie Howard has been engaged on the largest recording project ever undertaken by a solo pianist—nothing less than the complete solo piano music of Liszt, a project which will total some eighty discs on the Hyperion label. By the end of 1995, Howard has completed 56 of these and been awarded a Grand Prix du Disque for no fewer than five volumes of the series.

CDA67004  71 minutes 40 seconds
‘Leslie Howard's survey of the whole of Liszt's piano music is disclosing marvels, played with magisterial perception and unfaltering virtuosity; his notes to each record are an enlightenment in thems ...
‘Here is a pleasant hour-plus of mid-century memorabilia for the general listener, teasing fare for the musical anatomist, and another indispensable album for the collector … as befits such a pro ...
«On sera étonné par la suprême droiture du compositeur, traitant des mélodies de Herbeck ou Lassen avec la même science que celles de Schubert» (Diapason, France)