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Linn Records

BKD010 An excess of pleasure691062001038
BKD050 Trios for 4691062005036
BKD089 Airs de cour691062008938
BKD145 Notes from a Hebridean island691062014533
BKD486 Gibbons: Consorts for viols691062048637
BKD487 Four Temperaments691062048736
BKD556 Jenkins: Six-Part Consorts691062055635
BKD557 Jenkins: Five-Part Consorts691062055734
CKD052 The Golden Age, Vol. 1 – Europe5020305600526
CKD060 Victoria: Officium defunctorum5020305600601
CKD085 Tavener: Tears of the Angels5020305600854
CKD095 Shostakovich: Chamber Symphony & Piano Concerto No. 1691062600958
CKD117 Copland/Barber: In the beginning & other choral works691062601177
CKD152 Haydn M: Mass for the Feast of Holy Innocents691062601528
CKD153 Haydn: Seven Last Words from the Cross691062601535
CKD174 Palestrina: Song of Songs691062017428
CKD176 Go from my window691062017626
CKD178 Poulenc: Concerto for organ691062017824
CKD185 Corbetta: La guitarre royalle691062018524
CKD194 Dowland: Lachrimae691062019422
CKD203 Ives: The Celestial Country & other choral works691062020329
CKD211 Mozart: Requiem & Adagio and Fugue691062021128
CKD215 Ravel + Shostakovich691062021531
CKD216 Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto No. 2 & Scottish Symphony691062021623
CKD217 Vivaldi/Telemann/Sammartini: Baroque Recorder Concertos691062021722
CKD219 Prokofiev: Symphony No. 1 & Violin Concerto No. 2691062021920
CKD220 Sibelius: Pelleas and Melisande & other works691062022026
CKD221 Marais/Rebel: Les elemens691062022125
CKD224 Brahms: Violin Concerto & Hungarian Dances691062022422
CKD225 Beethoven: The last three Piano Sonatas691062022521
CKD226 Britten: Les illuminations & other works691062022620
CKD233 Tallis: Spem in alium & Mass for four voices691062023320
CKD234 Kodály/Bartók: Dances of Galánta & other works691062023429
CKD238 Strauss/Walter/Marx: Songs691062023825
CKD240 Erskine: Fiddler Tam691062024020
CKD241 Dvorák: Violin Concerto691062024129
CKD242 Rheinberger/Strauss/Elgar: The Trumpets that Time Forgot691062024228
CKD244 Beethoven: Piano Sonatas Nos. 8, 14, 17 & 23691062024426
CKD247 Shostakovich: Symphony No. 11691062024723
CKD248 Chopin: Reminiscences691062024822
CKD250 Chopin: Piano Sonatas691062025027
CKD251 Geminiani: Sonatas for violoncello & basso continuo691062025126
CKD252 Handel: Operatic Arias691062025225
CKD253 Finzi: Oh fair to see & others songs691062025324
CKD254 Daquin: Les douze Noëls691062025423
CKD270 Erlebach: VI Sonate691062027021
CKD273 Mozart: Wind Concertos691062027328
CKD275 Bach: Sonatas & Chorales691062027526
CKD278 Brahms: Clarinet Quintet691062027823
CKD280 Fantasía691062028028
CKD281 Vivaldi: L'Amore per Elvira691062028127
CKD282 Liszt: Sonata & Grandes Études691062028226
CKD285 Handel: Messiah691062028523
CKD286 Bevan Baker: Songs of Courtship & other works691062028622
CKD287 Mozart: Serenade & Divertimento691062028721
CKD288 Murcia: La Guitarra Española691062028820
CKD290 Ravel: The Complete Piano Works, Vol. 1691062029025
CKD291 Garden of Early Delights691062029124
CKD292 Tartini/Veracini: The Devil's Trill & other sonatas691062029223
CKD293 Rimsky-Korsakov: Piano Duos691062029322
CKD294 La trompette retrouvée691062029421
CKD296 Vaughan Williams/Gurney: On Wenlock Edge & Ludlow and Teme691062029629
CKD301 Macmillian: Tenebrae Responsories & other works691062030120
CKD308 Mozart: Symphonies Nos. 38-41691062030823
CKD313 Bach: St Matthew Passion691062031325
CKD314 Messiaen: Quatuor pour la fin du Temps691062031424
CKD315 Ravel: The Complete Piano Works, Vol. 2691062031523
CKD319 Handel: Acis and Galatea691062031929
CKD320 Mozart: Colloredo Serenade & Divertimento691062032025
CKD329 Britten/Leighton: Winter Words & Earth, Sweet Earth691062032926
CKD330 Stravinsky: Apollon Agate & Pulcinella Suite691062033022
CKD331 Vibraciones del Alma691062033121
CKD332 Purcell: Ten Sonatas in Four Parts691062033220
CKD335 Herbert: Songs691062033527
CKD336 Beethoven: Piano Concertos Nos. 3, 4 & 5691062033626
CKD339 Ward: Consort music for five and six viols691062033923
CKD341 The Nightingale and the Butterfly691062034128
CKD342 Rorem: On an echoing road691062034227
CKD343 Sor: Early works for guitar691062034326
CKD348 Rogier: Polychoral Works691062034821
CKD350 Mozart: Symphonies Nos. 29, 31, 32, 35 & 36691062035026
CKD352 Mozart: Mozart in Vienna691062035224
CKD354 Bach: Mass in B minor691062035422
CKD355 AlbÉniz/Granados: Iberia & Goyescas691062035521
CKD356 Bach: Goldberg Variations691062035620
CKD358 Arne: Artaxerxes691062035828
CKD362 Handel: Concerti Grossi, Op. 6691062036221
CKD365 Vivaldi: Il Cimento dell'armonia e dell'inventione691062036528
CKD366 Bach: Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin691062036627
CKD367 Liebermann/Poulenc: Flute Concerto & Flute Sonata691062036726
CKD368 Telemann: Tastes of Europe – Trios & Quartets691062036825
CKD370 Romantic Sonatas691062037020
CKD371 Schubert: Winterreise691062037129
CKD372 Byrd: Complete Consort Music691062037228
CKD373 Bach: Easter Oratorio & Ascension Oratorio691062037327
CKD374 Purcell: Twelve Sonatas in Three Parts691062037426
CKD376 Mozart: Divertimento & Qboe Quartet691062037624
CKD378 Carmina Celtica691062037822
CKD380 Sor: Le Calme - Late works691062038027
CKD382 Brahms/Hough: Other Love Songs691062038225
CKD383 MacMillan: Who are these Angels?691062038324
CKD385 Reich: kuniko plays reich691062038522
CKD387 Rogier: Missa Inclita stirps Jesse & Missa Philippus691062038720
CKD396 Bach: Cello Suites691062039628
CKD397 Handel: Esther691062039727
CKD398 Mozart: Apollo et Hyacinthus691062039826
CKD399 Lawes: Consorts to the organ691062039925
CKD400 Berlioz: Symphonie fantastique691062040020
CKD401 Haydn: The Creation691062040129
CKD402 Bruckner: String Quintet & String Quartet691062040228
CKD404 Britten: My Beloved is Mine691062040426
CKD407 Mozart: Paris & Vienna – A tale of two cities691062040723
CKD409 Weber: Wind Concertos691062040921
CKD410 Bach: Harpsichord Concertos691062041027
CKD411 Corelli: Concerti Grossi, Op. 6691062041126
CKD412 Corelli: Violin Sonatas, Op. 5691062041225
CKD413 Corelli: Chamber Sonatas, Opp. 2 & 4691062041324
CKD414 Corelli: Church Sonatas, Opp. 1 & 3691062041423
CKD415 Zelenka: Sonatas691062041522
CKD417 Byrd/Parsons/White: Where late the sweet birds sang691062041720
CKD418 Bach: A Bach Notebook for Trumpet691062041829
CKD419 Bach: St John Passion691062041928
CKD420 Rouse/Ibert: Flute Concertos691062042024
CKD421 Berlioz: Les nuits d'été & La mort de Cléopâtre691062042123
CKD424 Mozart: Piano Concertos Nos. 12, 13 & 14691062042420
CKD426 Haydn: Lord Nelson Mass691062042628
CKD427 Ward: Fantasies & Verse Anthems691062042727
CKD428 Haydn/Mozart/Cimarosa: Hommage à trois691062042826
CKD429 Rossi: Il Mantovano Hebreo691062042925
CKD430 Bach: Brandenburg Concertos691062043021
CKD432 Pärt: Cantus & other works691062043229
CKD433 Bach: Sonatas for violin and harpsichord691062043328
CKD434 Marais/Forqueray: La Gamme & autres morceaux de simphonie691062043427
CKD435 The Proud Bassoon691062043526
CKD438 Mahler: Symphony No. 4691062043823
CKD439 MacMillan: Alpha & Omega691062043922
CKD440 Berlioz: L'enfance du Christ691062044028
CKD441 Fantasien691062044127
CKD442 Bruckner: Symphony No. 2691062044226
CKD443 Brahms/Schumann: Lieder691062044325
CKD445 Bach: Bach reimagines Bach691062044523
CKD447 The Tudors at Prayer691062044721
CKD448 The Neoclassical Trumpet691062044820
CKD449 Mozart: Requiem691062044929
CKD450 Schumann: The Symphonies691062045025
CKD451 Monteverdi: Il ritorno d'Ulisse in patria691062045124
CKD452 Mahler: Symphony No. 2691062045223
CKD453 Mahler: Songs691062045322
CKD455 Chopin: Piano Concertos691062045520
CKD460 Mozart: Opera Arias & Overtures691062046022
CKD462 Sibelius: Symphonies Nos. 2 & 7691062046220
CKD463 Bach: The Well-tempered Clavier691062046329
CKD464 Haydn: The London Sonatas691062046428
CKD465 Maclean: Till tomorrow691062046527
CKD467 Fasch: Quartets and Concertos691062046725
CKD469 Bach: Magnificat & Christmas Cantata691062046923
CKD470 Lawes: The Royal Consort691062047029
CKD471 Reicha: Wind Quintets691062047128
CKD472 Tchaikovsky/Shostakovich: Serenade & String Quartet No. 2691062047227
CKD473 French Reflections691062047326
CKD474 Schumann: Song Cycles691062047425
CKD475 Chopin: Preludes691062047524
CKD476 Telemann: Recorder Sonatas & Fantasias691062047623
CKD477 French Connections691062047722
CKD478 Britten: Serenade for tenor, horn and strings691062047821
CKD479 Mozart: Divertimenti & Serenade691062047920
CKD481 Mahler: Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen691062048125
CKD488 Fauré: Lydia's Vocalises691062048828
CKD492 Tavener: Ypakoë691062049221
CKD495 Xenakis: IX691062049528
CKD499 Bach: Christmas Oratorio691062049924
CKD500 Haydn: Symphonies Nos. 31, 70 & 101691062050029
CKD502 Sibelius: Symphonies Nos. 1 & 6691062050227
CKD507 Shostakovich: Symphony No. 5691062050722
CKD511 Schumann/Mahler: Lieder691062051125
CKD512 Debussy/Takemitsu: Works for strings691062051224
CKD516 Mozart: Gran Partita691062051620
CKD517 Scattered ashes – Josquin's Miserere and the Savonarolan legacy691062051729
CKD519 Bach: Violin Concertos691062051927
CKD520 Silver Bow691062052023
CKD521 Berlioz: Roméo et Juliette691062052122
CKD522 Gilbert & Sullivan: HMS Pinafore691062052221
CKD526 Concerti Bizarri691062052627
CKD527 Dowland: Lachrimae, or Seaven Teares691062052726
CKD528 Beaser: Guitar Concerto & other works691062052825
CKD529 Parle qui veut – Moralizing songs of the Middle Ages691062052924
CKD534 Maxwell Davies: An Orkney wedding, with sunrise & other works691062053426
CKD535 Wagstaff: Breathe Freely691062053525
CKD536 Ysaye: Sonatas for solo violin691062053624
CKD538 Strauss R: Metamorphosen, Serenade & Symphony691062053822
CKD539 Tavener: Tavener conducts Tavener691062053921
CKD540 Scottish Chamber Orchestra 40th Anniversary691062054027
CKD541 Mary star of the sea691062054126
CKD542 The Masque of Moments691062054225
CKD543 Handel: Apollo e Dafne691062054324
CKD544 Mozart: Piano Concertos Nos. 25 & 26691062054423
CKD545 Adler: Symphony No. 6 & Cello Concerto691062054522
CKD546 Mozart: Bassoon Sonata691062054621
CKD548 Bach: Sonatas and Partitas691062054829
CKD550 Debussy/Fauré: La mer, Ariettes oubliées & Pelléas691062055024
CKD552 Stravinsky: The soldier's tale691062055222
CKD555 Schumann/Mendelssohn: Piano Concertos691062055529
CKD561 Liszt: Liszt transfigured – Operatic fantasies for piano691062056120
CKD562 Haydn/Couperin/Monn: Chrysalis – Cello works by Haydn, Couperin & Monn691062056229
CKD567 Barsanti/Handel: Edinburgh 1742691062056724
CKD569 Monteverdi: Vespers691062056922
CKD570 Journey - 200 Years of Harpsichord Music691062057028
CKD571 Tye: Complete Consort Music691062057127
CKD572 Beethoven: Music for winds691062057226
CKD580 A Christmas Festival691062058025
CKD581 Gabrieli G: Venetian Extravaganza for brass691062058131
CKD585 Bach: Solo works for marimba691062058520
CKD590 Adler: One lives but once691062059022
CKD601 Brahms: The Symphonies691062060127
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