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Quatre morceaux, Op 51

'Scriabin: Complete Poèmes' (CDA67988)
Scriabin: Complete Poèmes
CDA67988  2 February 2015 Release  
'Scriabin: The Complete Préludes, Vol. 2' (CDH55451)
Scriabin: The Complete Préludes, Vol. 2
MP3 £4.99FLAC £4.99ALAC £4.99 CDH55451  Helios (Hyperion's budget label) 5 January 2015 Release  
No 1: Fragilité: Allegretto
Track 13 on CDA67988 [2'32] 2 February 2015 Release
No 2 in A minor: Prélude: Lugubre
Track 39 on CDH55451 [2'39] Helios (Hyperion's budget label) 5 January 2015 Release
No 3: Poème ailé
Track 14 on CDA67988 [1'18] 2 February 2015 Release
No 4: Danse languide
Track 15 on CDA67988 [1'42] 2 February 2015 Release

Quatre morceaux, Op 51
The Quatre morceaux of Op 51 all come from 1906. The exquisite sound of No 1, Fragilité, is produced by means of a favourite texture of Scriabin: there are two elements in the left hand, melody and accompaniment, and a third, chordal element above in the right. The fluttering, aspiring winged figures of the Poème ailé, No 3, are close to Schumann’s Vogel als Prophet (from Waldszenen). Schumann may have derived the notion of a ‘prophetic bird’ from seeing the ancient motif of sirin i alkonost, human-faced birds of Slavic mythology, on his trip to Russia in 1844. Schumann’s miniature was often performed by Anton Rubinstein. In the Danse languide, No 4, hovering uneasily between harmonies, we are in the emotional area evoked by Scriabin in his notebook of 1904–5: ‘The sweetness of a dream which lends wings to the spirit, the desire to create, languor, the thirst for something unknown.’

from notes by Simon Nicholls © 2015

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