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Five Preludes, Op 16

'Scriabin: The Complete Preludes' (CDA67057/8)
Scriabin: The Complete Preludes
No 1 in B major: Andante
Track 38 on CDA67057/8 CD1 [2'58] 2CDs Archive Service
No 2 in G sharp minor: Allegro
Track 39 on CDA67057/8 CD1 [1'22] 2CDs Archive Service
No 3 in G flat major: Andante cantabile
Track 40 on CDA67057/8 CD1 [1'59] 2CDs Archive Service
No 4 in E flat minor: Lento
Track 41 on CDA67057/8 CD1 [1'20] 2CDs Archive Service
No 5 in F sharp major: Allegretto
Track 42 on CDA67057/8 CD1 [0'34] 2CDs Archive Service

Five Preludes, Op 16
With Op 16 we reach an elevated plane: this is the Scriabin idolised by the young Pasternak. Characteristically, Op 16 No 1 sustains one dominant harmony for much of its length, supporting an aspiring, soaring melodic line. No 2 is built on obsessively repeated polyrhythmic figures. lts tonality has already been remarked on in connection with Op 11 No 12. No 3 is serene in its recurring pattern of sixths, around which a filigree solo line is spun. The twelve bars of No 4 stand all under one slur: Scriabin is obsessive in his construction of four-bar phrases, but this despairing page is constructed of four phrases each three bars long, which have to sing in one breath. No 5 is an exquisite, elegant dance miniature.

from notes by Simon Nicholls © 2001

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No 4 in E flat minor: Lento
Recording date
16 June 2000
Recording venue
Henry Wood Hall, London, United Kingdom
Recording producer
Amanda Hurton
Recording engineer
Tony Faulkner
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