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Gitana-Galopp, Op 108

'Strauss Dances' (CDA67169)
Strauss Dances
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Gitana-Galopp, Op 108
The Gitana-Galopp (‘Gipsy Galop’, 1839) draws on existing Spanish themes. Those themes may be familiar from Angèle’s aria ‘Flamme vengeresse’ in Auber’s opera Le Domino Noir, and the process by which they came to be used by Strauss was seemingly somewhat tortuous. Apparently Auber used the themes originally for a pas de deux written for a revival of La Muette de Portici. They were then re-used in Le Domino Noir in 1837, and in a ballet La Gitana staged in St Petersburg for Marie Taglioni in 1838. This ballet was then staged in Vienna in April 1839, when Strauss composed his galop.

from notes by Andrew Lamb © 2000

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