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Tivoli-Rutsch-Walzer, Op 39
9 October 1830

'Strauss Dances' (CDA67169)
Strauss Dances
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Tivoli-Rutsch-Walzer, Op 39
The Tivoli-Rutsch-Walzer (‘Tivoli Slide Waltz’) was introduced by Strauss at a gathering at Vienna’s Tivoli pleasure gardens in the Upper Meidling suburb on 9 October 1830. Like the still-surviving pleasure gardens established in Copenhagen around the same time, the Viennese entertainment spot took its name from a pleasure resort outside Rome. That in Vienna opened in September 1830, with Strauss as one of its musical directors. On 4 October, a celebration of the Name Day of Emperor Franz attracted six thousand visitors. So many were excluded that a repeat celebration was arranged, and it was then that Strauss performed his new waltz. The title commemorates a slide that was one of the garden’s main attractions – not a slide that children (and, of course, some adults!) slide down on their backsides, but one down which couples rode on a kind of carriage mounted on a sledge. The sliding effect is clearly depicted a few bars from the end in the waltz’s coda.

from notes by Andrew Lamb © 2000

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16 December 1999
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St George's, Brandon Hill, United Kingdom
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Mark Brown
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Tony Faulkner
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