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Romance, Op 69
1878-9; originally for cello and organ, rescored 1894; piano-accompanied version first performed in 1894 in Geneva, Fauré at the piano

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Fauré: Cello Sonata No 2 & other works
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Fauré: Cello Sonatas
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Romance, Op 69
Starting as a piece for cello and organ at some unknown date, the Romance was long delayed in its publication and finally brought out in 1894 and premiered that year in Geneva with Fauré playing the piano part. In transferring the accompaniment, Fauré articulated the original crotchet chords as semiquavers, but the solo part remains unchanged except for the very end, where the cello now hangs on to the final high A instead of making a two-octave descent. The opening of the tune recurs in the wonderful ‘Nocturne’ from Shylock, and again in the song ‘Soir’. Even if here there is no nocturnal reference, the piece conforms to an archetype of the meditative Fauré.

from notes by Roger Nichols © 2012

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