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Hugh the Drover
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'Vaughan Williams: Hugh the Drover' (CDD22049)
Vaughan Williams: Hugh the Drover
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Act 1 Part 01: Buy, buy, buy! Who'll buy?
Act 1 Part 02: Who'll buy my sweet primroses?
Act 1 Part 03: Cold blows the wind on Cotsall
Act 1 Part 04: Ballads! Buy my ballads, pretty ballads!
Act 1 Part 05: As I was a-walking one morning in spring
Act 1 Part 06: Bless me! What's this?
Act 1 Part 07: Show me a richer man in all this town
Act 1 Part 08: Clear the way for the hobby-horse
Act 1 Part 09: They're gone my husband that's to be!
Act 1 Part 10: Sweetheart, life must be full of care
Act 1 Part 11: Alone I would be as the wind and as free
Act 1 Part 12: Hey day! she will obey
Act 1 Part 13: Sweet little linnet that longs to be free
Act 1 Part 14: Horse hoofs, thunder down the valleys
Act 1 Part 15: Mary, Mary, come back I say!
Act 1 Part 16: In the night-time I have seen you riding
Act 1 Part 17: Mary! Mary!
Act 1 Part 18: Who'll fight? A fight! Who's for a fight?
Act 1 Part 19: Brave English lads, lovers of manly sport
Act 1 Part 20: Down, down with John the Butcher
Act 1 Part 21: Alone and friendless, on this foreign ground
Act 1 Part 22: Are you ready? Go!
Act 1 Part 23: Hugh the drover!
Act 1 Part 24: Oh, the devil and Bonyparty
Act 2 Part 01: Past four o'clock, and dawn is coming
Act 2 Part 02: Gaily I go to die
Act 2 Part 03: Hugh! My dear one!
Act 2 Part 04: Rise up, my Mary; Come away
Act 2 Part 05: Dear sun, I crave a boon
Act 2 Part 06: O I've been rambling all this night
Act 2 Part 07: Here, queen uncrowned
Act 2 Part 08: The soldiers!
Act 2 Part 09: Dropped from the ranks on a winter night
Act 2 Part 10: Now you are mine!
Act 2 Part 11: Halloo! Halloo! Mary and Hugh!

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