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Psalm-Preludes Set 2
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Psalm 130; 139; 33:3

'Howells: Psalm-Preludes & Rhapsodies' (CDA66394)
Howells: Psalm-Preludes & Rhapsodies
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'Howells: St Paul's Service & other works' (CDA66260)
Howells: St Paul's Service & other works
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No 1: Psalm 130 'Out of the deep have I called to you, Lord'
Track 6 on CDA66260 [9'15] Archive Service
Track 7 on CDA66394 [9'16] Archive Service
No 2: Psalm 139 'Yea the darkness is no darkness with thee'
Track 8 on CDA66394 [6'55] Archive Service
No 3: Psalm 33 'Sing unto him a new song'
Track 9 on CDA66394 [7'41] Archive Service

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