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A ballet in three acts

'Lambert: Tiresias & Pomona' (CDA67049)
Lambert: Tiresias & Pomona
Act 1 No 1: Entry of the warriors. Allegro giusto
Act 1 No 2: Sword Dance
Act 1 No 3: Cortege. Entrance of the young virgins and dance of the priestesses
Act 1 No 4: Snakes. Calme
Act 1 No 5: Tiresias gets angry, beats snakes and changes into a woman
Act 2 Scene 1: The female Tiresias's solo. Piacevole
Act 2 Scene 2: Dance of the shepherds and shepherdesses. Piacevole
Act 2 Scene 3: Pas de deux. Andante
Act 2 Scene 4a: Bacchanale. Vivo
Act 2 Scene 4b: Return of the snakes. Lento
Act 3 Scene 1: Hera and Zeus. Allegro marciale
Act 3 Scene 2: The old Tiresias. Maestoso e marciale
Act 3 Scene 3: The male Tiresias remembered. Pesante
Act 3 Scene 4: The female Tiresias remembered. Piacevole
Act 3 Scene 5: Hera strikes Tiresias blind
Act 3 Scene 6: Tiresias receives the gift of prophecy. Maestoso
Act 3 Scene 7: Tiresias accepts his fate Entry of priestesses. Andante
Act 3 Scene 8: Final apotheosis and departure of the blind Tiresias. Maestoso
Interlude 1: Interlude
Interlude 2: Interlude
Prelude. Part 1: Maestoso
Prelude. Part 2: Allegro marcato
Prelude. Scene 1 No 2: Tiresias's Entry. Giocoso
Prelude. Scene 1. No 1: Vivo
Prelude. Scene 2 No 1: Tiresias's Solo

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