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Six Morceaux, Op 6

'Catoire: Piano Music' (CDA67090)
Catoire: Piano Music
No 2: Prélude
Track 6 on CDA67090 [1'36] Archive Service
No 3: Scherzo
Track 7 on CDA67090 [4'22] Archive Service

Six Morceaux, Op 6
These two pieces from the Six Morceaux of Catoire’s Op 6 make a contrasting pair. The first opens as a gently flowing theme in 6/8, which is in a constant state of development; a cadenza bar, ad libitum, prefaces the resto­ration of the theme, espressivo, grazioso. The Scherzo, marked ‘Allegro con spirito’, is more adventurous in style—among its notable features are: the irregular bar-groupings (it is in 3/8, and the opening theme is of seven bars); the exceptional notation wherein some passages are marked with 3/8 bars for the right hand against 2/8 bars for the left (almost anticipating Bartók); the sudden eruptions of pure virtuosity, and the restrained ending.

from notes by Robert Matthew-Walker © 1999

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