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Triumphal March, Op 40
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Hymn in praise of Christopher Columbus, in Russian

'Glazunov: The Complete Solo Piano Music, Vol. 4' (CDH55224)
Glazunov: The Complete Solo Piano Music, Vol. 4
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Triumphal March, Op 40
The most extended and interesting of these transcriptions is the Triumphal march, Op 40. Originally for ‘grand orchestra and chorus’, the music opens with a repeating short motif which only hints at what is to come. A solemn interlude follows, of such Wagnerian influence that it is impossible to tell whether it is serious or tongue-in-cheek. The sudden appearance of one of America’s best-known tunes is a pure joy, and the entry finally of the chorus singing a hymn of praise to Christopher Columbus (in Russian) an unexpected pleasure. Clearly Glazunov had a sense of humour. The Russian text translates as:

Glory to centuries of hardy struggle, that left us an inheritance of steadfast faith and hope! Hail, heroes of long-past years! The dawn of liberty gleamed on their holy course, their hardy path was lit by that dawn! A great genius—God’s radiant gift—cleft the oceans by his mighty will; splendid was the new world found by him … Hail, Columbus, from age to age, hail, Columbus, hail! Hail to you, hero, hail! Let us sing a grand hymn in praise of the heroes of long-past years; faith and hope will lead us towards fame! Glory and praise to you heroes, glory and praise, praise to you!

from notes by Stephen Coombs © 1996

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Recording date
23 June 1995
Recording venue
Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel, Hampstead, London, United Kingdom
Recording producer
Paul Spicer
Recording engineer
Ken Blair
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