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Concerto in F major, RV574
? 1714; for violin, two oboes, bassoon, two horns and strings

'Vivaldi: Concerti con molti istromenti' (CDH55439)
Vivaldi: Concerti con molti istromenti
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The King's Consort Collection
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Movement 1: Allegro
Movement 2: Grave
Movement 3: [Allegro]

Concerto in F major, RV574
RV574, whose two instruments named as ‘tromboni da caccia’ are merely trompes de chasse, or horns, is almost certainly an ‘opera-house’ concerto. Its partly autograph score is headed, in Vivaldi’s hand, ‘Concerto per S.A.S.I.S.P.G.M.D.G.S.M.B.’. Many have tried their hand at interpreting this dedication, but a plausible solution arrived only in 1995, when Carlo Vitali completed the initials to read: ‘Sua Altezza Serenissima Il Signor Principe Giuseppe Maria De’ Gonzaga Signor Mio Benignissimo’ (‘His Most Serene Highness My Lord Prince Giuseppe Maria De’ Gonzaga, My Most Kind Master’). Gonzaga, the music-loving younger brother of the duke of the small territory of Guastalla (adjoining Mantua), was in fact Vivaldi’s choice of dedicatee for the printed libretto of an opera performed under his direction at S. Angelo in early 1714, so it would not be too fanciful to identify the concerto as entr’acte music for that very occasion.

from notes by Michael Talbot © 1998

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Recording date
11 May 1998
Recording venue
Abbey Road Studios, London, United Kingdom
Recording producer
Ben Turner
Recording engineer
Philip Hobbs
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  2. Vivaldi: Concerti con molti istromenti (CDH55439)
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