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The Beggar's Opera
29 January 1728

'Gay: The Beggar's Opera' (CDA66591/2)
Gay: The Beggar's Opera
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Act 1 No 01. Introduction: If poverty be a title to poetry (Beggar/Player)
Act 1 No 02. Dialogue: Overture
Act 1 No 03. Air 1 'An old woman clothed in gray': Through all the employments of life (Peachum)
Act 1 No 04. Dialogue: Sir, Black Moll hath sent word (Filch/Peachum)
Act 1 No 05. Air 2 'The bonny gray-ey'd morn' (Clarke): 'Tis woman that seduces all mankind (Filch/Peachum)
Act 1 No 06. Dialogue: But 'tis now high time to look about me (Peachum)
Act 1 No 07. Dialogue: What of Bob Booty, husband? (Mrs Peachum/Peachum)
Act 1 No 08. Air 3 'Cold and raw': If any wench Venus's girdle wear (Mrs Peachum/Peachum)
Act 1 No 09. Air 4 'Why is your faithful slave disdain'd?' (attrib. Bononcini): If love the virgin's heart invade (Mrs Peachum/Peachum)
Act 1 No 10. Dialogue: Never was a man more out the way in an argument (Mrs Peachum)
Act 1 No 11. Air 5 'Of all the simple things we do': A maid is like the golden ore (Mrs Peachum)
Act 1 No 12. Dialogue: Come hither, Filch (Mrs Peachum/Filch)
Act 1 No 13. Dialogue: I know as well as any of the fine ladies (Polly)
Act 1 No 14. Air 6 'What shall I do to show how much I love her?' (Purcell): Virgins are like the fair flower in its lustre (Polly/Peachum)
Act 1 No 15. Air 7 'Oh London is a fine town': Our Poly is a sad slut! (Mrs Peachum/Peachum/Polly)
Act 1 No 16. Air 8 'Grim king of the ghosts': Can love be control'd by advice? (Polly/Mrs Peachum/Peachum)
Act 1 No 17. Air 9 'O Jenny, O Jenny, where hast thou been?': O Polly, you might have toy'd and kissed (Mrs Peachum/Polly)
Act 1 No 18. Air 10 'Thomas, I cannot': I like a ship in storms was tossed (Polly/Peachum)
Act 1 No 19. Dialogue: Dear wife, be a little pacified (Peachum/Mrs Peachum)
Act 1 No 20. Air 11 'A soldier and a sailor' (Eccles): A fox may steal your hens, sir (Peachum)
Act 1 No 21. Dialogue: 'Twas only Nimming Ned (Polly/Peachum/Mrs Peachum)
Act 1 No 22. Air 12 'Now ponder well, ye parents dear': Oh, ponder well! be not severe (Polly/Mrs Peachum)
Act 1 No 23. Air 13 'Le printemps rappelle aux armes': The turtle thus with plaintive crying (Polly/Mrs Peachum/Peachum)
Act 1 No 24. Dialogue: The thing, husband, must and shall be done (Mrs Peachum/Peachum)
Act 1 No 25. Dialogue: Now I'm a wretch (Polly)
Act 1 No 26. Air 14 'Pretty parrot, say' (Freeman): Pretty Polly, say (Macheath/Polly)
Act 1 No 27. Air 15 'Pray, fair one, be kind' (Leveridge): My heart was so free (Macheath/Polly)
Act 1 No 28. Air 16 'Over the hills and far away': Were I laid on Greenland's coast (Macheath/Polly)
Act 1 No 29. Air 17 'Gin thou wert mine awn thing': O what pain it is to part! (Polly/Macheath)
Act 1 No 30. Air 18 'O the broom': The miser thus a shilling sees (Macheath/Polly)
Act 2 No 01. Dialogue: But pr'ythee, Matt, what is become of thy brother Tom? (Ben/Matt/Jemmy/Jack/Wat/Robin/Ned/Harry)
Act 2 No 02. Air 19 'Fill ev'ry glass': Fill ev'ry glass, for wine inspires us (Matt/company)
Act 2 No 03. Dialogue: Gentlemen, well met (Macheath/Matt)
Act 2 No 04. Air 20 'March in Rinaldo' (Handel): Let us take the road (Matt)
Act 2 No 05. Dialogue: What a fool is a fond wench! (Macheath)
Act 2 No 06. Air 21 'Would you have a young virgin?': If the heart of a man is deprest with cares (Macheath/Drawer)
Act 2 No 07. Dialogue: Dear Mrs Coaxer, you are welcome (Macheath)
Act 2 No 08. Air 22 'Cotillon': Youth's the season made for joys (Macheath/Jenny/Coaxer/Vixen/Brazen)
Act 2 No 09. Air 23 'All in a misty morning': Before the barn door crowing (Jenny/Macheath/Trull/Tawdry/Slammekin/Vixen)
Act 2 No 10. Air 24 'When once I lay with another man's wife': The gamesters and lawyers are jugglers alike (Jenny/Tawdry/Macheath)
Act 2 No 11. Dialogue: I seize you, sir, as my prisoner (Peachum/Macheath)
Act 2 No 12. Air 25 'When first I laid siege to my Chloris': At the tree I shall suffer with pleasure (Macheath/Peachum)
Act 2 No 13. Dialogue: Look ye, Mrs Jenny (Vixen/Coaxer/Slammekin/Trull/Jenny)
Act 2 No 14. Dialogue: Noble Captain, you are welcome (Lockit/Macheath)
Act 2 No 15. Air 26 'Courtiers, courtiers think it no harm': Man may escape from rope and gun (Macheath)
Act 2 No 16. Dialogue: You base man, you! (Lucy)
Act 2 No 17. Air 27 'A lovely lass to a friar came': Thus when a good huswife sees a rat (Luch/Macheath)
Act 2 No 18. Air 28 ''Twas when the sea was roaring' (Handel): How cruel are the traitors (Lucy/Macheath)
Act 2 No 19. Air 29 'The sun had loos'd his weary teams': The first time at the looking-glass (Macheath/Lucy)
Act 2 No 20. Dialogue: In this last affair, brother Peachum (Lockit/Peachum)
Act 2 No 21. Air 30 'How happy are we' (Barrett): When you censure the age (Lockit/Peachum)
Act 2 No 22. Dialogue: Whence come you, hussy? (Lockit/Lucy)
Act 2 No 23. Air 31 'Of a noble race was Shenkin': Is then his fate decreed, sir? (Lucy/Lockit)
Act 2 No 24. Air 32: You'll think e'er many days ensue (Lockit)
Act 2 No 25. Dialogue: Though the ordinary was out of the way today (Lucy/Macheath)
Act 2 No 26. Air 33 'London ladies': If you at an office solicit your due (Macheath/Lucy)
Act 2 No 27. Dialogue: Where is my dear husband? (Polly/Macheath/Lucy)
Act 2 No 28. Air 34 'All in the Downs' (Sandoni): Thus when the swallow, seeking prey (Polly/Macheath/Lucy)
Act 2 No 29. Air 35 'Have you heard of a frolicksome ditty?': How happy could I be with either (Macheath/Polly/Lucy)
Act 2 No 30. Air 36 'Irish trot': I'm bubbled (Polly/Lucy/Macheath)
Act 2 No 31. Air 37: Cease your funning (Polly/Macheath/Lucy)
Act 2 No 32. Air 38 'Good-morrow, gossip': Why how now, Madam Flirt? (Lucy/Polly)
Act 2 No 33. Dialogue: Where's my wench? (Peachum/Polly)
Act 2 No 34. Air 39 'Irish howl' (Vanbrughe): No power on earth can e'er divide (Polly)
Act 2 No 35. Dialogue: I am naturally compassionate, wife (Macheath/Lucy)
Act 2 No 36. Air 40 'The lass of Patie's Mill': I like the fox shall grieve (Lucy)
Act 3 No 01. Dialogue: To be sure, wench (Lockit/Lucy)
Act 3 No 02. Air 41 'If love's a sweet passion' (Purcell): When young at the bar you first taught me to score (Lucy/Lockit)
Act 3 No 03. Air 42 'South sea ballad': My love is all madness and folly (Lucy/Lockit)
Act 3 No 04. Dialogue: Peachum then intends to outwit me (Lockit)
Act 3 No 05. Air 43 'Packington's pound': Thus gamesters united in friendship are found (Lockit/Lucy)
Act 3 No 06. Dialogue: Why, boy, thou lookest as if thou wert half starv'd (Lockit/Filch)
Act 3 No 07. Dialogue: I am sorry, gentlemen (Macheath)
Act 3 No 08. Air 44 'Lillibulero' (attrib. Purcell): The modes of the court so common are grown (Macheath/Ben/Matt)
Act 3 No 09. Dialogue: The coronation account, brother Peachum (Lockit/Peachum)
Act 3 No 10. Air 45 'Down in the north country': What gudgeons are we men! (Lockit/Peachum/Servant)
Act 3 No 11. Dialogue: Dear Mrs Dye, your servant (Peachum/Trapes/Lockit)
Act 3 No 12. Air 46 'A shepherd kept sheep': In the days of my youth I could bill like a dove (Trapes/Peachum/Lockit)
Act 3 No 13. Dialogue: Jealousy, rage, love and fear (Lucy)
Act 3 No 14. Air 47 'One evening, having lost my way': I'm like a skiff on the ocean tossed (Lucy/Filch)
Act 3 No 15. Dialogue: Dear madam, your servant (Lucy)
Act 3 No 16. Air 48 'Now Roger, I'll tell thee, because thou'rt my son': When a wife's in her pout (Lucy/Polly)
Act 3 No 17. Air 49 'O Bessy Bell': A curse attends that woman's love (Polly/Lucy)
Act 3 No 18. Air 50 'Would fate to me Belinda give' (Wilford): Among the men, coquets we find (Polly/Lucy)
Act 3 No 19. Air 51 'Come, sweet lass': Come, sweet lass (Lucy)
Act 3 No 20. Dialogue: All this wheedling of Lucy cannot be for nothing (Polly)
Act 3 No 21. Dialogue: Come, Miss Polly (Lucy/Polly)
Act 3 No 22. Dialogue: Set your heart to rest, captain (Lockit/Peachum/Lucy/Polly)
Act 3 No 23. Air 52 'The last time I went o'er the moor': Hither, dear husband, turn your eyes (Polly/Lucy/Macheath/Peachum)
Act 3 No 24. Air 53 'Tom Tinker's my true love': Which way shall I turn me? (Macheath/Polly)
Act 3 No 25. Air 54 'I am a poor shepherd undone': When my hero in court appears (Polly/Lucy)
Act 3 No 26. Air 55 'Ianthe the lovely' (Barrett): When he holds up his hand (Lucy/Lockit)
Act 3 No 27. Air 56 'A cobbler there was' (attrib. Leveridge): Our selves, like the great, to secure a retreat (Lockit/Peachum)
Act 3 No 28. Air 57 'Bonny Dundee': The charge is prepar'd; the lawyers are met (Macheath)
Act 3 No 29. Dialogue: Follow them, Filch, to the court (Polly/Lucy)
Act 3 No 30. Air 58 to 66: O cruel, cruel, cruel case! (Macheath)
Act 3 No 31. Air 67 'Green sleeves': Since laws were made for ev'ry degree (Macheath/Jailer)
Act 3 No 32. Dialogue: For my having broke prison (Macheath/Matt/Jailer)
Act 3 No 33. Dialogue: My dear Lucy, my dear Polly (Macheath/Polly/Lucy)
Act 3 No 34. Air 68 'All you that must take a leap' (Ramondon): Would I might be hang'd! (Lucy/Polly/Macheath/Jailer)
Act 3 No 35. Dialogue: But, honest friend (Player/Beggar)
Act 3 No 36. Dialogue: So, it seems, I am not left to my choice (Macheath/company)
Act 3 No 37. Air 69 'Lumps of pudding': Thus I stand like the Turk (Macheath)

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Act 3 No 34 Air 68, 'All you that must take a leap' (Ramondon): Would I might be hang'd! (Lucy/Polly/Macheath/Jailer)
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25 April 1991
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St Paul's Church, New Southgate, London, United Kingdom
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Mark Brown
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