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Mirabilia testimonia
8vv double choir
author of text
Psalm 119 (118): 129-144; for the Office of None

'Masterpieces of Mexican Polyphony' (CDH55317)
Masterpieces of Mexican Polyphony
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Mirabilia testimonia
The short Office of None (usually recited rapidly, in the afternoon) seems to have been taken over in some Spanish and colonial churches by confraternities or by convents of nuns for special services. A number of settings of the Psalm Mirabilia testimonia survive in Mexico and in Spain (e.g. Valencia). They often bear such titles as ‘Salmo de Nona para las Religiosas de Madalenas’. Padilla’s Mirabilia happens to survive in a convent choirbook (Holy Trinity, Puebla) now in the National Institute of Fine Arts, Mexico, as well as in the Puebla Cathedral ‘Padilla Choirbook’. The setting of the Versicle and Response (Deus in adiutorium) is clearly paired with the Psalm and they have common endings in the music of the doxology. Padilla sets these texts with real verve and his declamation of the words is resourceful and lively. The choirs call, answer and combine in great splendour.

from notes by Bruno Turner © 1990

Track-specific metadata
Details for CDA66330 track 3
Recording date
22 June 1989
Recording venue
Westminster Cathedral, London, United Kingdom
Recording producer
Mark Brown
Recording engineer
Antony Howell
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  2. Masterpieces of Mexican Polyphony (CDH55317)
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