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Recordare, virgo mater
doubtful attribution
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'Josquin: Josquin and his contemporaries' (CDA67183)
Josquin: Josquin and his contemporaries
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Recordare, virgo mater
The ascription to Josquin of Recordare, virgo mater, which survives only in Antico’s second book of motets (1520) has long been seen as suspect. The texture of the piece, pitting three equal high voices against one lower one – a great rarity in itself – offers little to relate it to works whose ascriptions at present seem reasonably secure. Neither does the style of the piece, with its energetic, swirling motions and repeated returns, via surging scales, to cadences on the final, D, seem to draw the piece convincingly into the Josquin fold. What is beyond doubt, however, is the fascination of its mesmeric idiom, which carries the listener along with almost relentless energy through to its final climactic cadence.

from notes by Andrew Kirkman © 2001

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