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Kleine Choralpartita über O Jesu, all mein Leben bist du

'Eben: Organ Music, Vol. 3' (CDA67196)
Eben: Organ Music, Vol. 3
Part 1: Thema
Part 2: Agitato molto
Part 3: Poco moderato
Part 4: Allegretto
Part 5: Risoluto
Part 6: Allegro

Kleine Choralpartita über O Jesu, all mein Leben bist du
I composed this small choral partita after completing a series of larger organ works (Sonntagsmusik, Laudes, 2 Choralphantasien) at the request of a number of different organists, who encouraged me to contribute towards producing an easier repertoire designed for church musicians and not to concentrate solely on works for concert performers.

Consequently, this composition, in addition to the Versetti, was conceived for liturgical use (where themes and the first 3 variations were intended as communion music, and variations IV and V as the finale and postlude).

However, this does not mean that it cannot be used in concert performances, which is why more focus has been given to contrast in the variation cycle, and a logical and satisfying progression.

from notes by Petr Eben © 2002
English: Julia Rushworth and Atlas Translations

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