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Chansons bretonnes sur d'anciennes chansons populaires, Op 115

'Koechlin & Pierné: Cello Sonatas' (CDA66979)
Koechlin & Pierné: Cello Sonatas
'French Cello Music' (CDA67244)
French Cello Music
Book 1 No 1: La Prophétie de Gwene'hlan
Book 1 No 2: Le Seigneur Nann et la Fée
Book 1 No 3: Le Vin des Gaulois
Book 1 No 4: Azénor-la-Pâle
Book 1 No 5: Les laboureurs
Book 1 No 6: Saint-Eflam et le Roi Arthur
Book 2 No 1: Les trois Moines rouges
Book 2 No 2: Alain-le-Renard
Book 2 No 3: Le baron Jaouioz
Book 2 No 4: Notre-Dame du Folgoat
Book 2 No 5: Iannik Skolan
Book 2 No 6: La Ceinture de Noces
Book 3 No 1: La chanson du Pilote
Book 3 No 2: Merlin au berceau
Book 3 No 3: La conversation de Merlin
Book 3 No 4: Le faucon
Book 3 No 5: Le rossignol
Book 3 No 6: L'enfant suppose
Book 3 No 7: L'épouse du Croise
Book 3 No 8: Le page de Louis XIII
Book 3 No 9: La marche d'Arthur

Chansons bretonnes sur d'anciennes chansons populaires, Op 115
Charles Koechlin (1867-1950) was no careerist. His music is of the highest order: imaginative and innovative, but making no claim to popular qualities. It is lyrical, sometimes fragile in its refined simplicity, and often free in rhythm. It is not as immediately accessible as the music of Ravel (who, like Koechlin, studied with Fauré), or a text by Maupassant, or a painting by Monet; but the closer one listens, the more apparent become the distinctive colours of Koechlin’s palette.

from notes by Mats Lidström © 2003

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Book 1 No 2: Le Seigneur Nann et la Fée
Recording date
22 July 1997
Recording venue
St George's, Brandon Hill, United Kingdom
Recording producer
Andrew Keener
Recording engineer
Arne Akselberg
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