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Étude No 1, from 48 Exercices, 1826

'For Children' (CDH55194)
For Children
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Étude No 1, from 48 Exercices, 1826
The two Études by Franz Liszt come from 48 Exercices dans tous les tons majeurs et mineurs published in 1826 when the composer was fifteen. In fact only twelve of these appeared, but they became the basis of the Douze grandes études of 1838 which in turn led to the Douze études d’exécution transcendante of 1851. The brilliant little pieces of 1826, Liszt’s official opus 1 even if written in the manner of his teacher Czerny, deserve more attention, if only as the starting-point of the long process which led to one of the peaks of the Romantic piano literature.

from notes by Max Harrison © 1986

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