Die Schiffende

First line:
Sie wankt dahin, die Abendwinde spielen
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This intensely sensual song captures the intoxication of the poet gazing out at the beautiful vision rocking gently on a secluded, moonlit lake. The word-painting is of Schubertian simplicity as the soft, rippling waves in the accompaniment subtly transform into the fluttering heart of the excited lover (the diminished sevenths at ‘Und ihres Busens Flor’). The composer’s use of long-held notes, the ecstatic high G natural on ‘der helle Vollmond zittert’ and swiftly changing harmonies at ‘Aus jeder Well’ hervor’ seem to illustrate the heightening intensity of the poet’s desire.

from notes by Eugene Asti and Susan Gritton © 2000


Mendelssohn: Lieder
CDH55360Helios (Hyperion's budget label)


Track 9 on CDH55360 [2'57] Helios (Hyperion's budget label)

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