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Cello Sonata in E minor, Op 113
1927; Paris

'Grechaninov: Piano Trios' (CDH55399)
Grechaninov: Piano Trios
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Movement 1: Maestoso
Track 4 on CDH55399 [5'43] Helios (Hyperion's budget label)
Movement 2: Menuetto tragico
Track 5 on CDH55399 [5'29] Helios (Hyperion's budget label)
Movement 3: Finale
Track 6 on CDH55399 [7'42] Helios (Hyperion's budget label)

Cello Sonata in E minor, Op 113
The Cello Sonata in E minor, Op 113, was completed in 1927 in Paris. Although ostensibly in three movements, it can better be considered as a four-movement work without a first movement. The sonata begins, therefore, with a slow movement, in moderate tempo, which cannot properly decide if it is in E major or E minor, for both keys tend to jostle for position, although the minor mode predominates. The second movement, unusually termed Menuetto tragico, has a violent introduction which lands on the key at the polar opposite to E minor—B flat major. Into this unusual juxtaposition comes the minuet itself, music which exhibits an underlying nervousness of character, until a brief reminiscence of the opening violence plunges us headlong into the finale. A cello cadenza lands on the dominant of E major, and at once the longest movement in the work (as if to compensate for there being no sonata first movement as such) is under way. Once more, it is E minor which tends to dominate this robust work, and we can appreciate the composer’s sleight-of-hand wherein he begins the development as if it were a false recapitulation. There is much to applaud here.

from notes by Robert Matthew-Walker İ 2002

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Menuetto tragico
Recording date
5 November 2000
Recording venue
Studio 1, The State House of Broadcasting and Audio-Recording, Moscow, Russia
Recording producer
Alexander Volkov
Recording engineer
Alexander Volkov
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