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Sehnsucht, Op 50 No 2
First line:
Oft am langen Tage
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'Sibelius: Songs' (CDH55471)
Sibelius: Songs
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Sehnsucht, Op 50 No 2
Lenzgesang (‘Spring song’) suffers from a piano accompaniment set in too low in register, which does not really blend with the voice, but the vocal part itself has exuberance and charm, as indeed does its immediate successor Sehnsucht (‘Longing’, or ‘Loneliness’). This has the simplicity and polish of the best Swedish settings, and the piano accompaniment has an affecting directness and economy. The piano part, syncopated chords gently adumbrated, lend the song a special pathos.

from notes by Robert Layton © 2002

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