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By myself walking
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from Rosamund Gray, 1859

'Gibbs: Songs' (CDA67337)
Gibbs: Songs
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'The Power of Love' (CDA67888)
The Power of Love
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Track 16 on CDA67888 [1'39] Composers of World War I

Hypochondriacus (1949) is a setting of a most unusual poem by Charles Lamb (1775–1834) from his collection Rosamund Gray (1859). The author was notoriously unmusical himself, amusingly so, and a setting of his words is an extreme rarity. To fully savour the piquancy of this anguished misanthropy readers should acquaint themselves with Lamb’s far more famous prose style and his Essays of Elia. Cecil Armstrong Gibbs turns this outburst of spleen into a virtuoso patter song and a musical scherzo. It reminds us that pessimism and black humour are English qualities too, and not only the province of the Scandinavians and Russians.

from notes by Graham Johnson 2012

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Recording date
17 December 2010
Recording venue
All Saints' Church, East Finchley, London, United Kingdom
Recording producer
Mark Brown
Recording engineer
Julian Millard
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  1. The Power of Love (CDA67888)
    Disc 1 Track 16
    Release date: February 2012
    Composers of World War I
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