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Regina caeli laetare, ZWV134
before 1728
author of text
Antiphon to the Blessed Virgin Mary in Paschal Time

'Zelenka: Sacred Music' (CDH55424)
Zelenka: Sacred Music
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Regina caeli laetare, ZWV134
The Marian antiphon Regina caeli laetare in F major (Z134) was written before 1728. It is kept simple and was probably intended as a repertoire piece for Lady Day. However, there are no surviving references to actual performances. The composition is remarkable for its unusual scoring for three high voices: they mark out the cantus firmus plainchant over a walking instrumental bass line before, prompted by the harmonies of the upper strings and oboes, they join in close harmony. A triple-metre passage for voices and continuo provides a brief middle section, but swiftly the instruments return to the opening material for a final, joyful Alleluia.

from notes by Peter Wollny © 2003
English: Viola Scheffel

Track-specific metadata
Details for CDH55424 track 12
Recording date
9 March 2002
Recording venue
Air Studios, United Kingdom
Recording producer
Ben Turner
Recording engineer
Philip Hobbs
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  1. Zelenka: Sacred Music (CDA67350)
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  2. Zelenka: Sacred Music (CDH55424)
    Disc 1 Track 12
    Release date: February 2012
    Helios (Hyperion's budget label)
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