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Comedy Overture
original version of the London Overture

'English Music for Brass' (CDH55070)
English Music for Brass
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Comedy Overture
The Comedy Overture was completed two years after A Downland Suite, in 1934. Subsequently scored for orchestra it became known to a wider audience as A London Overture. Both share the memorable main subject which Ireland based on the call of a London bus conductor intoning ‘Piccadilly … Piccadilly’. The work shows the robust sense of humour present elsewhere in Ireland’s music, and begins, surprisingly, with a lengthy Andante moderato introduction of somewhat enigmatic, almost mysterious character. The main thrust of the overture is carried forward by the brilliantly scored Allegro moderato brillante which contains well-contrasted Tranquillo sections and ends with a suitably rumbustious Vivace.

from notes by Peter Lamb 1988

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Recording date
22 September 1987
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Recording producer
Charles Hilz
Recording engineer
Tony Faulkner
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  1. English Music for Brass (CDH55070)
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    Release date: May 2002
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    Helios (Hyperion's budget label) Archive Service
  2. English Music for Brass (CDH88013)
    Disc 1 Track 6
    Release date: August 1988
    Deletion date: May 2002
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