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'Chabrier: Piano Music' (CDA67515)
Chabrier: Piano Music
'Chabrier: Piano Music' (SACDA67515)
Chabrier: Piano Music
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Track 1 on CDA67515 [7'11]
Track 1 on SACDA67515 [7'11] Super-Audio CD — Deleted

The Impromptu, published in 1873, was the first significant work. Unlike many composers, whose early works betray quite legitimate influences, Chabrier is immediately himself. It is a classical piece constructed in three parts, the third of which reprises the first, and concludes with a coda. His personality is present in every bar. To begin with note the brief, capricious Spanish-like rhythmic element, which serves as an introduction and reappears at the end of the work. A passage then follows which could be described as the first subject, a sort of tender and syncopated waltz that is followed abruptly by a basically rhythmic second episode, full of typical Chabrier-like dissonances. The second section, charming and languid, is twice interrupted by a sarcastic element, as if Chabrier were ashamed of being sentimental. Again we note syncopated swaying rhythms. The first section is then repeated, followed by a very poetic coda marked ‘with great sweetness’ which restates the theme of the opening section. After a final sarcastic pirouette the work ends on an arpeggio that Chabrier requires to be played ‘with delicacy’. This Impromptu, dedicated to Mme Édouard Manet, was first performed by Camille Saint-Saëns in 1877.

from notes by Jean-Paul Sévilla © 2006
English: Roland Smithers

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Recording date
22 June 2004
Recording venue
Das Kulturzentrum Grand Hotel, Dobbiaco, Italy
Recording producer
Ludger Böckenhoff
Recording engineer
Ludger Böckenhoff
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  1. Chabrier: Piano Music (CDA67515)
    Disc 1 Track 1
    Release date: February 2006
  2. Chabrier: Piano Music (SACDA67515)
    Disc 1 Track 1
    Release date: February 2006
    Deletion date: February 2011
    Super-Audio CD — Deleted
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