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Banalités, FP107
October to November 1940
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'Poulenc: The Complete Songs' (CDA68021/4)
Poulenc: The Complete Songs
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'Poulenc: Voyage à Paris' (CDH55366)
Poulenc: Voyage à Paris
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No 1: Chanson d'Orkenise  Par les portes d’Orkenise
No 2: Hôtel  Ma chambre a la forme d'une cage
No 3: Fagnes de Wallonie  Tant de tristesses plénières
No 4: Voyage à Paris  Ah! la charmante chose
No 5: Sanglots  Notre amour est réglé par les calmes étoiles

Banalités, FP107
Poulenc was very clear that he thought of this work as a set of songs, rather than a cycle. The composer put the words together for the set from two sources: poems (iii) and (v), long-time favourites, were taken from the main part of Il y a, that important posthumous collection (1925) of the poet’s works. Poulenc chanced on the texts for songs (ii) and (iv) in October 1940 as he nostalgically leafed through the literary reviews that he had collected in his adolescence: he alighted on Littérature for 8 October 1919 where five Apollinaire poems, (ii) and (iv) among them, were published under the title Banalités—so violà, now he had four poems to make a set and also a title. He now needed one more song with which to begin the cycle.

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