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The Arkansas Traveller 'Old Fiddlers' Breakdown'
1847; traditional American fiddle tune

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The Arkansas Traveller 'Old Fiddlers' Breakdown'
This old American fiddle tune dates back to 1847, being for ever associated with a dialogue story of a farmer playing the violin on his porch when a traveller stops and asks for directions. During the conversation it transpires that the farmer knows only the first part of his tune. When the traveller shows how the piece should end, he is invited in for musical entertain­ment and alcoholic refreshment. If the piece has the suggestion of Irish fiddle music about it, this may have something to do with it originating from the time of high Irish emigration to America because of the potato famine of 1845–1850. This recording uses a transcription of the tune by David Guion (1892–1981), orchestrated by Adolf Schmid (1868–1958).

from notes by Andrew Lamb © 1998

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