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Gnossienne No 1

'Satie: Parade & other works' (CDH55176)
Satie: Parade & other works
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Gnossienne No 1
Ronald Corp retains Debussy’s chamber orchestra (two flutes, oboe, four horns, harp, and strings) for his scoring of the Trois Gnossiennes, a similarly mysterious set of pieces written for piano by Satie in 1890. These miniatures, originally notated without bar lines or time signatures, again evoke a half-remembered and certainly long-vanished antiquity. Does the title refer to the stately Cretan figures endlessly circling the dark pottery of Knossos? We do not know, and it matters not. Satie’s semi-humorous but deadpan performing indications («Munissez-vous de clairvoyance», «Ouvrez la tête», and «Seul, pendant un instant», for example) are, doubtless, further red herrings, and side-swipes at the increasingly elaborate instructions with which Debussy was beginning to litter his own scores. The repetitive, motivic nature of his modally based melodies in Gnossiennes, with their parallel chordal accompaniments, also shows Satie’s developing interest in religious chant and monody, an interest that became an obsession.

from notes by Simon Wright © 1989

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Recording date
14 April 1989
Recording venue
Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel, Hampstead, London, United Kingdom
Recording producer
Arthur Johnson
Recording engineer
Tony Faulkner
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  1. Satie: Parade & other works (CDA66365)
    Disc 1 Track 24
    Release date: October 1989
    Deletion date: June 2004
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  2. Satie: Parade & other works (CDH55176)
    Disc 1 Track 24
    Release date: November 2004
    Helios (Hyperion's budget label)
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