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Five Am'rous Sighs

'London Pride' (CDA67457)
London Pride
No 1: Between your sheets you soundly sleep
No 2: Finish! Finish, these Languours make me sick
No 3: My heart still hovering round about you
No 4: All these dismal looks and fretting
No 5: Venus, take my votive glass

Five Am'rous Sighs
Published in 2001, Five Am’rous Sighs evokes eighteenth-century metropolitan life in settings of poems by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and Matthew Prior. For a singer like me, more used to dead composers than living ones, it was a great pleasure to give the first public performance of this gorgeous piece in the presence of its composer in that first London Pride performance at the Spitalfields Festival.

from notes by Catherine Bott 2004

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