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Sweet Thames, flow softly
Considering the significance of the Thames, which bisects London geographically and in many ways culturally, there are very few songs about it. So I was happy to discover Ewan MacColl’s romantic boat trip, Sweet Thames, flow softly. MacColl added a note when this was published: ‘Pay no attention to the fact that some of the places are geographically out of order. This is poetic licence.’

from notes by Catherine Bott 2004

Track-specific metadata
Details for CDA67457 track 7
Recording date
26 May 2003
Recording venue
Savage Club, 1 Whitehall Place, London, United Kingdom
Recording producer
Simon Weir
Recording engineer
Julian Millard
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  1. London Pride (CDA67457)
    Disc 1 Track 7
    Release date: March 2004
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