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Reflets du passť 'RÍverie', RO223 Op 28
? 1853; published in New York in 1857

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Reflets du passť 'RÍverie', RO223 Op 28
This berceuse with its central gentle habanera, though hugely indebted to Chopin, finds Gottschalk at his reflective best. Inspired by some lines of Victor Hugo (‘Dans ce monde de mensonges / Moi j’aimerai mes douleurs / Si mes rêves sont tes songes / Si mes larmes sont tes pleurs’), a first version of Reflets du passé was composed in 1847 but has since been lost. This second version from nearly a decade later was published as No 3 of a projected series of twelve ballades entitled Rayons et Ombres. The title page tells us that No 1 is called La Sérénade (which I have been unable to identify) while No 2 is Ricordati. What the other nine pieces were (to have been) must remain a mystery. Reflets du passé is dedicated to someone with the unlikely name of ‘Ratheb Nags’.

from notes by Jeremy Nicholas © 2000

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