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Pasquinade 'Caprice', RO189 Op 59
? 1863; published in New York in 1870

'Creole Belles' (CDH88009)
Creole Belles
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Gottschalk: Piano Music, Vol. 2
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Gottschalk: The Complete Solo Piano Music
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Pasquinade 'Caprice', RO189 Op 59
A catchy, strutting tune (D flat), a forerunner of the cakewalk, might tempt the unwary into believing that here, at last, is a piece of Gottschalk that can be mastered with reasonable ease. But no. Gottschalk teasingly then keeps the right hand at least two octaves away from the left for the remainder of the piece, with quintessential glittering passagework and repeated notes guaranteed to make the most determined amateur lose heart

from notes by Jeremy Nicholas © 1994

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