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Toccata in G major, BWV916
The Toccata in G major, BWV916 is different from the others Toccatas in that it is clearly in three movements. The opening allegro is somewhat concerto-like in its use of solo and ritornello passages. Scales, broken chords, and cascading solid chords are used to make a brilliant opener. The second movement is a lyrical adagio in E minor where a fair amount of embellishment seems to be called for. The Bärenreiter edition gives no fewer than three different versions – including one by Bach’s son Johann Christoph. The final fugue (marked ‘Allegro e presto’) is a gigue in the French style, using the characteristic dotted rhythm. Like many of Bach’s early fugues, this one has some passages that are awkward to play, yet it certainly doesn’t lack charm. At the end the texture unravels very quickly, leaving us surprised at the finish.

from notes by Angela Hewitt © 2002

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Details for CDS44421/35 disc 14 track 2
Recording date
18 January 2002
Recording venue
Henry Wood Hall, London, United Kingdom
Recording producer
Ludger Böckenhoff
Recording engineer
Ludger Böckenhoff
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  1. Bach: Toccatas (CDA67310)
    Disc 1 Track 2
    Release date: July 2002
  2. Bach: Angela Hewitt plays Bach (CDS44421/35)
    Disc 14 Track 2
    Release date: September 2010
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