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Love walked in

'Grainger: Rambles and Reflections' (CDH55454)
Grainger: Rambles and Reflections
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'The Transcendental Tradition' (APR5630)
The Transcendental Tradition
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Love walked in
Although there is no evidence that Grainger ever met George Gershwin, he included the latter’s Piano Concerto and Rhapsody in Blue in his concert repertoire, having publicly performed the concerto for the first time in 1944. Grainger considered Gershwin’s music to be rooted in the traditions of cosmopolitan classical music, and would fearlessly assert that his true originality lay in his songs. Two pieces were arranged to supply suitable encores, yet at the same time pay homage to music Grainger all but worshipped. Love walked in (1945) features one of Grainger’s ‘musical glasses’ effects in conjunction with the melody.

from notes by Barry Peter Ould © 2002

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