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Soirées musicales
published 1835

'Rossini: Soirées musicales' (CDA67647)
Rossini: Soirées musicales
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'Souvenirs de Venise' (CDH55217)
Souvenirs de Venise
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No 01: La promessa  Ch'io mai vi possa lasciar d'amare
No 02: Il rimprovero  Mi lagnerò tacendo
No 03: La partenza  Ecco quel fiero istante!
No 04: L'orgia  Amiamo, cantiamo
No 05: L'invito  Vieni, o Ruggiero
No 06: La pastorella dell'Alpi  Son bella pastorella
No 07: La gita in gondola  Voli l'agile barchetta
No 08: La danza  Già la luna è in mezzo al mare
No 09: La regata veneziana  Voga, o Tonio benedeto
No 10: La pesca  Già la notte s'avvicina
No 11: La serenata  Mira la bianca luna
No 12: Li marinari

Soirées musicales
The Soirées musicales begins with three short, formally simple, song-like arias that Rossini called ‘canzonettas’: La promessa, a song in which the lover swears eternal love and loyalty to his beloved, which begins as a gentle barcarolle and develops into a more impassioned central section; Il rimprovero, another declaration of love in which the jilted man berates the woman for causing him such pain; and La partenza, which describes the pain of separation, with the pianist’s right hand echoing the vocal line. L’orgia celebrates the joys of wine and love in a lively brindisi, while L’invito, to a poem by Count Pepoli, is a delightful bolero in which Eloisa tells her Ruggiero that she cannot live without him. In La pastorella dell’Alpi the shepherdess’s anguish sounds strangely lighthearted, but chords interrupt the catchy tune and express grief at Aminta’s faithlessness. La danza is a celebrated bravura piece for tenor—an intoxicating, breathless tarantella. La gita in gondola sets Pepoli’s poem to a charming barcarolle in rolling 12/8 time; La pesca, subtitled ‘notturno’ by the composer, is an Andante grazioso in 3/8 time, and sets a Metastasio poem in which the fisherman bids his sweetheart join him on the beach to enjoy the evening air. La serenata is a charming duet in which tenor and soprano first alternate and then sing together; La regata veneziana is a lively duet in Venetian dialect for two sopranos who describe how Tonio and Beppe encourage one another as they take part in a regatta.

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Li marinari
Recording date
13 September 1983
Recording venue
St Barnabas's Church, North Finchley, London, United Kingdom
Recording producer
Martin Compton
Recording engineer
Antony Howell
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  1. Souvenirs de Venise (CDA66112)
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    Release date: September 1987
    Deletion date: July 2005
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  2. Souvenirs de Venise (CDH55217)
    Disc 1 Track 9
    Release date: September 2005
    Helios (Hyperion's budget label)
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