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Die Post, Op 76 No 6
First line:
Von der Strasse her ein Posthorn klingt
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Songs by Schubert's contemporaries
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Die Post, Op 76 No 6
The fact that Kreutzer’s setting of Müller’s Die Post (a crucial Winterreise text) was published as a supplement in the Wiener Zeitschrift für Kunst, Literatur, Theater und Mode in 1826, a year before Schubert began his own cycle, signals the possibility that Kreutzer came to all this poetry first. Schubert himself had been acquainted with the work of Müller since Die schöne Müllerin (1823) but he had only discovered half of the Winterreise poems in the almanac Urania in early 1827. He was to come across the edition containing Die Post later in the same year.

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