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Die Einsame
First line:
Blumen nur und fromme Lieder
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Die Einsame
This song was published as a supplement to the Wiener Zeitschrift für Kunst, Literatur, Theater und Mode in March 1824. As a regular reader of this periodical at this time it is likely that Schubert glanced at the piece at the very least. The style is clearly influenced by the prevailing taste for the arietta of Italian bel canto with alternating majore (sic) and minore sections. The poet Anton Pannasch was a professional soldier, born in Brussels to an Austrian military family; he saw action against Napoleon in Poland, and eventually became head of the Viennese National Guard. He was an extremely prolific poet whose work was likely to have been taken more seriously by members of the establishment (like Gyrowetz) than by Schubert’s circle.

from notes by Graham Johnson 2006

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