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Valse de l'opéra Faust de Ch. Gounod, S407
Gounod’s Faust, despite its cavalier approach to Goethe, has held the boards from the beginning, but Liszt’s ingenious elaboration of the Waltz, into which he inserts material from the first encounter of Faust and Gretchen, goes a long way towards restoring the demonic spirit of the play, and especially of the dark purpose of Mephistopheles in the relationship of the lovers. Musically, Gounod is transformed and transcended at a stroke!

from notes by Leslie Howard © 1990

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Extract: Abridged
Recording date
5 May 1934
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London, United Kingdom
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  1. Eileen Joyce – The complete Parlophone & Columbia solo recordings (APR7502)
    Disc 2 Track 11
    Release date: September 2011
    Deletion date: April 2014
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