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Recorder Concerto in F major, FWV L:F6

'Fasch: Quartets and Concertos' (CKD467)
Fasch: Quartets and Concertos
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Movement 1: Allegro
Movement 2: Largo
Movement 3: Allegro

Recorder Concerto in F major, FWV L:F6
The Concerto in F major for recorder and strings is among the latest additions to the catalogue of Fasch’s works. It survives as a set of manuscript parts in the portion of the Harrach Collection (named after a wealthy family with a residence in Vienna and estates in the Czech Republic) that is in the New York Public Library, where until only a few years ago it was identified as a ‘Concerto in D minor by Rasch’. The parts were oddly bound and the outside of the viola part was uppermost; it was the only part with what looked like a composer’s name written on it, and the presence of C sharps suggested that the music was in D minor. Only when that portion of the collection came under closer scrutiny did the true identity of the piece—which is full of characteristic Fasch-isms—become confirmed. An extremely virtuosic work, the second of the three movements is in the same dramatic quasi-recitative style as the same movement of the Bassoon Concerto.

from notes by Brian Clark 2014

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