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Simphonie 8 concertanti in A minor, ZWV189

'Zelenka: Sonatas' (CKD415)
Zelenka: Sonatas
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Movement 2: Andante

Simphonie 8 concertanti in A minor, ZWV189
The digitization project by the Sächsische Landesbibliothek – Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek in Dresden uncovered an unexpected treasure: a set of nine beautifully prepared parts for Zelenka’s Simphonie – the title Zelenka gave to this work – possibly in the hand of the Dresden court viola player and copyist Johann Gottlieb Morgenstern. Although ‘Simphonia’ is written at the head of the first movement of this copy, the work was later catalogued as ‘Sinfonie’ and as ‘Concerto’. These parts complement Zelenka’s hurriedly-prepared autograph score which was completed in Prague in 1723. Moreover, the parts demonstrate how the realization of Zelenka’s intentions took place and, apart from minor discrepancies, they reveal how his instructions were interpreted by a copyist. Zelenka’s score bears the title ‘Simphonie à 8 Concer[tanti]’ (shown in the score as violins 1, 2; violins 1, 2 ‘d’rinforza’; viola, violoncello, ‘contra bassa’; oboes 1, 2; bassoon): the nine parts are titled Violono 1o Concertato; Violono 2da Concertato; Violoncello; Oboe Concertato; Fagotto; Violino Io Rinforzato; Violino IIdo Rinforzato; Viola; Contra Basso. Thus, unless it was lost, a part was not prepared for the second oboe. These performance materials have been used for the second movement (Andante) of Zelenka’s Simphonie. Here, the violin, oboe and bassoon soloists hold a gentle musical conversation above a walking bass line played by the violone.

from notes by Janice B Stockigt 2012

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6 August 2011
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National Centre for Early Music, York, United Kingdom
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Philip Hobbs
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Philip Hobbs & Robert Cammidge
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