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Introduction et Cracovienne in D major, Op 35
Like most Polish composers, including Chopin and Młynarski, Zarzycki also wrote pieces in the form of the krakowiak, a fastish 2/4 dance from the Krakow region. It became popular in Vienna as the Krakauer, and in Paris as the Cracovienne. The Introduction et Cracovienne in D major, Op 35, was well liked by violinists in Zarzycki’s own time but amazingly was not recorded until the CD era. The Introduction has a brooding quality, owing to the strong pull of the relative minor key, B minor. In the catchy Cracovienne one can imagine the dancers jumping and stamping to imitate the dainty steps of the horses traditionally kept by denizens of Krakow.

from notes by Tully Potter © 2014

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