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Infelix ego
Throughout Infelix ego, a six-part motet scored for AATTBB, runs a cantus firmus motif of eight notes, one for each of the syllables of ‘Miserere mei, Deus’, which is quoted in the second alto part. As the music progresses the note-lengths of this cantus firmus are halved until, at the very end, all the voices take it up. By such a simple method Rore was able to lead this enormous work to a point of resolution while underlining the mood of insistence inherent in the ‘Miserere’ plea.

from notes by Peter Phillips © 1994

Track-specific metadata
Details for CDGIM029 track 7
Recording date
Recording venue
Salle Church, Norfolk, United Kingdom
Recording producer
Steve C Smith & Peter Phillips
Recording engineer
Philip Hobbs
Hyperion usage
  1. Rore: Missa Praeter rerum seriem (CDGIM029)
    Disc 1 Track 7
    Release date: September 1994
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