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Indianisches Tagebuch I, BV267

'Busoni: Late Piano Music' (CDA67951/3)
Busoni: Late Piano Music
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Movement 1: Allegretto affettuoso, un poco agitato
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Movement 2: Vivace
Track 13 on CDA67951/3 CD2 [1'29] 3CDs Best of 2014
Movement 3: Andante
Track 14 on CDA67951/3 CD2 [3'49] 3CDs Best of 2014
Movement 4: Maestoso ma andando
Track 15 on CDA67951/3 CD2 [2'34] 3CDs Best of 2014

Indianisches Tagebuch I, BV267
In 1913 Busoni dedicated to Natalie Curtis the Indianische Fantasie for piano and orchestra, drawing upon themes from her anthology. Just before returning to Europe in August 1915, at the end of his final, eight-month stay in New York, he composed the Indianisches Tagebuch (‘Indian Diary’), a group of four studies on motifs by ‘America’s Redskins’, as written on the title page. The first piece is rather chromatic; it has attracted Michael Finnissy, who used a gesture as part of No 8 of his Verdi Transcriptions for solo piano (1982–5). The second piece, the only one to use themes not found in the concertante work, is a toccata featuring a sixteen-bar ostinato in octaves underlying figurations that fly over much of the upper part of the keyboard. The third piece uses a noble and lyrical cello-like theme in the middle register; its light middle section in the upper register recalls a passage from Lyapunov’s Térek, the fourth of his Études d’exécution transcendante (1897–1905). The final piece also features a lyrical theme and calls for a rich texture, especially at the end. Immediately after completing what was the first book of his Indianisches Tagebuch Busoni embarked on a second one, a study for chamber orchestra entitled Gesang vom Reigen der Geister (‘Song of the Spirit Dance’); this was to be the last of his works inspired by Indian themes.

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Maestoso ma andando
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24 August 2012
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Henry Wood Hall, London, United Kingdom
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Andrew Keener
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Simon Eadon
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