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Violin Sonata No 2, Op 43

'Arnold: Chamber Music, Vol. 1' (CDH55071)
Arnold: Chamber Music, Vol. 1
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Violin Sonata No 2, Op 43
The four short movements of the Second Violin Sonata (composed in 1953) run through without a break. The violin hesitantly embarks on a song-like theme but the piano withholds the implied harmonies (the first notes of this theme form an idée fixe which appears in a new transformation in each movement). After fierce semitonal strife, the opening theme is resumed, the piano still casting doubt on the tonality. The idée fixe reappears in a stormy scherzando, and again in the wistful, waltz-like third movement. After a ferocious interruption the song is resumed, leading into an Adagio molto 4/4 in which the original theme reappears in a broad legato version, harmonic ambiguities at last resolved in the final bars.

from notes by Hugo Cole © 1988

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Recording date
18 December 1984
Recording venue
Seldon Hall, Haberdashers' Aske's School, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Recording producer
Martin Compton
Recording engineer
Mike Clements
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  1. Arnold: Chamber Music, Vol. 1 (CDA66171)
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    Release date: August 1988
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  2. Arnold: Chamber Music, Vol. 1 (CDH55071)
    Disc 1 Track 1
    Release date: January 2001
    Helios (Hyperion's budget label)
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