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Morceau de concert in C minor, Op 27
Dreyschock’s Morceau de concert, Op 27, is dedicated to the Philharmonic Society of London. It opens with a Beethovenian declamation—and indeed throughout the piece there are allusions to several Beethoven works, notably the ‘Appassionata’ Sonata. A number of ideas are presented in quick succession before the piano’s fiery entry leads to its own treatment of these themes, including an enchanting section (from 2'55'') where the melody is presented by the left hand decorated with leggiero sixths and repeated notes in the right hand. A dolorous new subject in F minor is introduced by the solo cello (shades of Berlioz’s orchestration of Weber’s Invitation to the Dance) which eventually gives way to several exacting pages (marked con fuoco) and a return to the opening theme, now in F minor. The French horn, rather than the cello, announces the repeat of the lachrymose theme, still underpinned by the cello but now in the work’s tonic. There is no doubting the home key as we come in sight of the finishing post.

from notes by Jeremy Nicholas © 2013

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Details for CDA67950 track 4
Recording date
26 July 2012
Recording venue
Federation Concert Hall, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Recording producer
Ben Connellan
Recording engineer
Veronika Vincze
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  1. Döhler: Piano Concerto; Dreyschock: Salut à Vienne (CDA67950)
    Disc 1 Track 4
    Release date: September 2013
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